im 20. Jahrhundert
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Historical facts

„Landsberg im 20. Jahrhundert“ – that is more than the history of a Bavarian town. It is, as if one holds a burning glas over the German map. In the focus bundle themselves Landsberg in fateful way crucial chapters of the 20th Century: Stations of the ascent and fall of the "third reich" and the processing of what was left from the nazis.

In Landsberg Adolf Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf" 1923/1924 during his prison arrest.

Immediately after Hitler's "Machtergreifung" 1933 Landsberg begins itself as "Hitler city" to marked out and becomes 1937 officially the third-most important city of the national socialists, the "city of the youth". Delegations of the Hitler Youth from the whole third reich marched after the Party Congresses 1937 and 1938 from Nuernberg to Landsberg for the closing speech of the "Confession march of the German youth".

Only few hundred meters far away from the place, where Hitler brought the theory of his race illusion to paper, became its criminal plans terrible truth: the systematic and industrialmoderately operated destruction of the Jews in the eleven concentration camps around Landsberg and Kaufering with simultaneous exploitation of their worker up to the last blood drop: "destruction by work". On 27 April 1945 the SS was the KZ purchase ring IV including the no longer goable prisoners into fire. The American army comes few hours too late.

In the same prison, in which the crimes took their exit, the nazi war criminals should pay for their acts. The Americans established here its war criminal prison number 1. To 1951 in Landsberg 248 Nazi murderers, among them Oswald Pohl and Otto Ohlendorf, were executed.