im 20. Jahrhundert
Citizens´ Association "Landsberg in the 20th Century"

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One stone from each country

The citizens´ association to do research on the contemporary history of Landsberg asked all European heads of state to donate a memorial stone in remembrance of the victims from their countries.

The idea had been born in 1993 already. Back then, the citizens´ association wrote to 15 European heads of state. By doing so, in the course of time, the association wanted to create a European memorial against totalitarianism and violence that clearly demonstrates the European dimension of the Holocaust. So far, the only negative replies came from the German federal presidents Herzog and Rau. On the contrary: all the contacted presidents and royal houses reacted in a very positive way. Italy , Rumania and Greece have not answered yet. So far 10 heads of state met our request.

It is now our task as citizens to enable an everlasting dignified memory at the European Holocaust Memorial.